Your List of Favorites on RomanceCompass

After creating a profile on RomanceCompass dating site you firstly need to look around. Learn the features of the site, look which services are available, study the interface and create your own image of the site.  Then you will probably need to see which girl to write to. We have plenty of beautiful girls on RomanceCompass so it will take time for you to chose the right one:-) But when you find some girls that suit your criteria dont forget to add them to your Favorites. “Favorites” is a list of the ladies that you liked or got interested in. Adding girls to “Favorites” helps you to get an immediate access to the profiles of the ladies you liked. After you can learn them and chose the one you are interested in more. You can always add or delete any profile from your list of favorites. You are able to see the button “Add to Favorites” when looking at listings, search results or ladies profiles. Use this button in order to make your search on RomanceCompass quicker and easier.

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