Your First Letter on RomanceCompass! Several Tips.

While being online for the first time almost all the people have difficulties in starting a conversation. What to write in a first letter? How to describe yourself? How not to look weird or strange? What if you are too shy? think These are the questions that are needed to be answered before writing the first message on RomanceCompass dating site.

So what most of the people want to see in your first letter? Here are some tips:

1) write your real name (some people totally forget about it, but in this case nobody knows how to call you and it can be annoying or frustrating);

2) write at least some lines about the reason of why you are on the dating site;

3) tell the person you are writing your letter to why you’ve chosen her/his profile;

4) give compliments as for her/his nice appearance, clothes etc.;

5) write something about yourself (your location, background, interests);

6) tell if you already have an experience in dating online;

7) ask her/him several questions (its not important what exactly you will ask – you just must show your concern);

8) tell that you will wait for her/his next message with anticipation.


By following these little advices you will guarantee yourself a proper and quick reply in return on RomanceCompass!




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