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Besides of seeing pictures, reading information in a girl’s profile such as her hobbies, interest, location, education and etc. its very important for a man to see how a girl looks like in real ordinary life. You can write messages to each other every day, watch each other’s photos, show interests or send presents, but all this stuff will never help you to know how your girl behaves in reality.

To give you such a possibility we always welcome when a girl wants to place her video clip on our dating site First of all it proves that she is real and secondly with placing her video on our site she automatically gives you the possibility to see how she is used to behave in her daily life. You can see her smile, her gestures, walk… You have an opportunity to create her total look in your imagination combining what you saw in pictures and read in her profile, what you heard over the phone or what you was told in messages on in live chat with the image you see in her video clip. Also when you miss her you can always open her video and you will see your beloved one straight away in front of your computer. Just imagine seeing her sparkling eyes, beautiful smile, silky hair… You can see her cat walk, her nice figure and even hear a soft voice of your lovely lady. Its so wonderful and helps you to be closer to her. That’s why you are always welcome to use the opportunity to see a video clip of your fair lady on RomanceCompass dating site!


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