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Aim of acquaintance

marriage, serious relations

About me

All my relatives and friends could tell to you that my character is very calm. but sometimes if somebody hurts me I could become real tigress))))) or somebody who can scratch!! My main hobby now it is developing my English skills! I realize that it is very important thing, so i work hard on it! this year I will get certificate in English, so i will be able to use it abroad even to get a job or get a degree) My second main hobby and interest is psychology. it is my education, but at the same time I read a lot in this sphere and want to become some private psychology one day – you know, like in movies, but i think I will need to get some MBA for it – but it doesnt matter a lot – I am more family oriented, than family oriented! do you trust me!??

About my partner

What kind of man I am looking for??? For someone who will accept me in the way who I am and will never try to change me. Do I ask for too much?

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