I always try to work hard on myself, of course I am not ideal, but i am trying to develop myself in all spheres! I have no free time…..I mean I had it, but now I am looking for my man abroad – it will take all my free days, hours and seconds) because I dont want just internet correspondence and ready to give all myself to show that I am all real! I have a calm character, but if my man promises me to love me forever and cheat on me with some brunette – he should know that I am a master of sports of shooting with bow, I do it very well)))) So dont run away from me, if my love doesnt hit your heart – I have something else) As I have already mentioned I am a master of sports of shooting with bow. It is my main hobby and style of life. I think sport is the best way to create ourselves, it is necessary for everybody) I am glad that i got success in that kind of sport) So maybe my future man will understand that i dont drink and dont smoke for sure!! I will have degree soon – I study to be a future bank worker, I will be able to work even in international bank, coz i will have international diploma of European kind, so i hope that i will find job even if i move abroad and will be able to earn good money to feed my man))))) Last my hobby – it is that i am great cooker – that is all i could say about it – lets try it on our kitchen?) Start Live video chat with wonderful Irina on RomanceCompass.

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