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Aim of acquaintance

The most important thing is the fact that I want a serious relationship with a serious man! I want to feel loved and in return give him your love and affection!

About me

I am a woman who wants to make my man happy, first and foremost important for me to see his happy face, feel his heart beating harder to know what it is warm and comfortable with me! With me he really feel the care and support, I am able to listen and understand, respect and appreciate ..   I used to give rather than receive … I need sincere feelings, I just want to be happy!

About my partner

I’m not looking for a lot of men, I want one! A single, once and for all! I do not have time for games, I need a real relationship! I want to see next to a real, honest, courageous and sincere man! I need action, not just words …. everyone can speak, but actions may prove not all! I am ready to do anything for the man who will make me happy, in response, I will give him more!

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