RomanceCompass Review by John

After two divorces, being 42 years old American, I finally realized that I may totally fail in arranging my private life unless I choose some other way of how to succeed in it and get married happily. There are many advice on relationship in the Internet and maybe they were really useful for someone, but definitely not for me. You know why? My both wives were Americans and didn’t care about anything except their careers, clothes and manicure. It may sound controversially and you may probably argue with me and tell it’s a cliche, but I’d been married for 11 years in total and I can tell you it’s rather true. Anyway after reading a good many of articles on dating sites in the Internet I’ve decided to try to get acquainted with a Russian or Ukrainian woman. In general they call them Slavic women. As you probably know these women are considered as excellent wives and good mothers. So I was curious to find out if it’s true.

I’ve found Romance Compass dating site through some advertisement in the Internet and it struck me as the most suitable. At the same time I could’t be completely sure if it’s really appropriate for me because of the lack of Internet dating experience. I didn’t know anything about this dating site as well. So the first thing I did was rambling through the Internet and looking for some information on Romance Compass. Well, to be true I’ve found a lot of negative reviews on this site, but there were some positive ones as well. Most of those negative articles claimed that Romance Compass was not reputable and had many fake women’s profiles. They also claimed it was a scam site. But in spite of all those negative reviews, being an adventurer, I made a decision to try my fate and register on Romance Compass.

The first thing I noticed was a big range of beautiful women’s profiles in the women’s gallery. Also once I logged in I got many chat invitations at the same time. All the women in profiles were sophisticated and incredibly beautiful. But I still had to check if the site was reputable. So in a couple of days I got interested in a woman from Nikolaev, which we’ll call N. I forgot to tell that all communication services on Romance Compass are paid. It means you pay for letters, chat, videochat etc. You also need to write fifteen letters to a lady to be able to request her contact information. Well, nothing good is for free. Despite the possibility of getting N.’s contact information immediately I decided to continue my communication with her on the site. I still wanted to make sure it’s not a scam. N. and I had exchanged many letters and had spent several hours in video chat before I finally decided to request her contacts from the site’s administration. Contact information included her name and last name, postal address and cellphone number. In one negative review on Romance Compass I’ve read that they often give fake girls’ numbers so it was a big challenge for me to call to the number I’ve received. If she didn’t answer the phone or it was off it would definitely mean the site was scammy. To my pleasant surprise N. picked up the phone and she even knew who I was)

We were still communicating through the site when she told she changed her phone number. N. informed me that it’s prohibited to give a contact information through the site so I wrote to Romance Compass Support and asked them for advice. I was amazed when they suggested to give me N.’s new phone number for free as I expected I’d need to buy it one more time.

So what else I can tell about my experience on Romance Compass? N. and I still need some time to check our feelings, but at least I know I’m chatting and writing to a real woman and not to a scamming girl. I don’t know if we are meant for each other, but I’m ready to try. All those who write shattering articles about Romance Compass calling it a fraud and a scam have probably never been registered there. I can tell the same about those who claim that there are many scammers on this site. Come on, guys, open at least a couple of the most famous Russian dating sites and just look at the front page profiles. Only a blind person will not notice that most of the pictures were stolen from the social networks.

Well, I hope I was a good reviewer and my feedback will help you to make your choice. The very truth is that Romance Compass is not drastically different, but it really deserves trust.


Los Angeles, California, USA


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