RomanceCompass Is Against Scam

keep-calm-and-stay-safe-online-30In one of the previous posts we told you how RomanceCompass dating site protects you from being scammed. Here we reveal the main thing that helps us to prevent scammers to be registered and to start their illegal activities on our dating platform.

Protection of  the members of our site is one of the main and the most important goals of RomanceCompass team. Our site is probably the safest place where you can start your love search without being afraid to be robbed, deceived or scammed. All the prices we charge are clear and you always know what you are paying for whether its a present for your lady or a personal message.

As you know before registering on our dating platform any lady should send us a copy of her ID. And its only one step among many in our anti-scam program. But the most significant feature that really works is that no one woman can register on our dating site by herself. It means the registration for women is not open. First of all  she must send us the application for registration with her ID and only after checking her personality (name, city, address etc.) we approve her profile on RomanceCompass dating site.

All these actions were developed and approved by our administrative team that is always ready to help you and to be your guide during your love journey on RomanceCompass site.  Stay free and stay safe, here you always have our team to take care about you.

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