Pros and cons of being single


Nowadays, it’s so hard to find your life partner in this world. Most of us have a good and bitter experience in our lives. Those people who found the relationships out the hard way, they prefer to be in loneliness the lees of life. They pretty sure that it’s better than to have a family happiness with your life partner. You can have a fabulous career, amazing work, but the basis of each success and achievement is love. You can’t build your future family without this main component. So, we have the difference of opinion that’s why we are going to discuss the pros and cons of being single.
According to the positives of being single, first of all we should say about the time because you are free to do whatever you want without any barrier. It’s time for realization your ideas and preferences, improvement your skills and acquire some new knowledge. In other words is a self-development and everything depends on you.
The next positive is meeting with new people in any time. Nobody can forbid you to meet new people, visit the museums and theaters. You are a freeman with a lot of new, different opportunities.
The last one is a free play not only in meeting with new people and visiting some places but also in flirt. You can flirt as much as you would like and you have a full authority on it.
On the assumption of above-mentioned positives, you will never be happy without love, tenderness, passion, care, family at all. It’s the main and important negative of being single. You should love not only your life partner, but also your parents, friends and all people who care about you.

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