Main Principles of On-Line Communication

After you decided to talk to someone on-line or even to look for your soul mate in the Internet you need to remember that you are going to enter a totally different world. Communication in the Internet has its own rules and principles which you need to follow in order to succeed.Here we are talking about serious communication that is not about fun or just having a good time. If you are really serious in your search of a friend or a loved one then our advices will be very useful for you.

First of all dont be too anonymous. Its better to write your real name in the profile from the beginning then to explain why you’ve chosen a fictional one in a few months. It will not look very seroius and a person you are talking to may think you are just having fun.

Also try to tell only the truth in your profile and during the whole communication. Even if you lie only once the truth will be revealed earlier or later. And after you may regret. Its better to tell that you are a little bit overweight rather then to send your pictures of five years ago.

Be funny and easy-going. Try to joke and to tell funny stories but dont talk about your problems in the first letter. Nobody likes it and it sounds weird. You can speak about your problems only with a close person.

Try to communicate regularly. Its better to write to teach other every day or at least once in 2 days. In this case you both will not lose interest and your communication will be productive. Also this way you will become close friends in 2-3 weeks.

Always look for more ways to communicate. Write messages, chat live, send to each other little presents. This way you will build a strong bridge on a way to a good communication with a bright future.


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