Love and Distance

How to save feelings being on the different sides of the planet? What are the challenges two people face being far from each other? How not to lose sparkle and keep love at a distance?
Here are some tips that may definitely help you:

1) Communication
Life may prevent living you together, but nothing can prevent your communication. Send messages or chat in live time! Nowadays lovers have a lot of opportunities to communicate at least virtually. Ask your beloved one about news in life, new hobbies, friends etc.

2) Self-development
Lack of personal life is almost the biggest fail that you can make being separated. Your sweetheart should not take your entire life. In addition to these relationships you should have friends, family, hobbies, interesting work.

3) Planning for the future
A guarantee of happy distant relationships is the clear view of future together. Make plans, talk about your hopes, discuss when meeting is going to happen.

4) Romance
Distance should not be an obstacle for romance. There are dozens of ways to say “I love you” online. You can send cards, flowers, chocolates and countless souvenirs to your beloved one using Romance Compass Present Delivery Service.

5) Trust and faith
Distant relationships often fail because of distrust and jealousy. People are starting to suspect each other. The main part of distant love is unconditional trust.

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