How to Compliment Russian Girls

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Many men make one and the same mistake thinking that the flood of compliments will definitely win a woman’s heart. You should be especially careful paying compliments to Russian girls. They value sincerity and don’t take flattery seriously. Too many compliments on her appearance and she’ll turn you down and forget you as a bad dream. At the same time, compliments are powerful tools if you know how to use them properly. In fact, women like to hear nice words about their looks but they pay attention to the way a man says them. If you don’t want to sound pathetic, you should learn some basic principles of paying compliments.

First and foremost, you should remember that the main aims of complimenting your date are to show that you care and to create a favorable atmosphere. Another important thing you should keep in mind is the way you say those nice words to a girl. Be open, confident, and a bit frivolous but at the same time do it delicately and appropriately. Mind your gestures, posture, facial expression, and intonation. You should not make a fool of yourself. Also, remember that compliments can be different at different stages of your relationship with a girl. The following tips will help you make appropriate compliments that will definitely please her.

  • Don’t be superficial.

Women appreciate it very much when a man is able to notice some special features in them. So, take a close look at her and try to discern something that can be overlooked at first sight. Try to focus on her face, the way she laughs, or on how she is dressed. She has done a great job preparing for the date so you should find the words to express your admiration. Say something that she doesn’t hear from every other man.

  • Avoid being wordy.

Try to make your compliment short and meaningful. You may wander from the subject and get lost in the additional details. Moreover, your date may get tired trying to match all your deviations with your actual point.

  • Be precise.

A compliment is like an aphorism – pithy and concise. It should express your thought in the clearest way. For this, you need to formulate it in your mind first and then voice it.

  • Forget all those trite phrases.

Using standard expressions and generalized phrases while making compliments you may come across as insincere. So, you should pick your words and try to sound as natural and original as possible. If you can’t do without some generalizations, be sure to add your personal remarks to them.

  • Avoid the ambiguity.

Of course, you don’t want your compliment to cause a moment of awkwardness. Make sure that your words won’t be misinterpreted or your beautiful metaphors won’t be misunderstood.

  • Listen to your heart.

A compliment should go from your heart and express your genuine feelings to the girl you are on a date with. Ideally, it should not take much effort to invent something to say if you’re really interested in a person and want to say something pleasant to her.

  • Don’t flatter.

Your compliment should not sound as flattery since Russian girls detect it at once. Don’t make up and embellish. Remember that any compliment should be based on a pleasant fact that you confirm by your own words.

  • Watch her reaction.

Always pay attention to how she reacts to what you’ve said. If you see that she feels confused or frustrated or she doesn’t want to accept your compliment, do your best to clarify what you meant. For example, if you tell her she is so graceful, ask her after that whether she practices yoga or did ballet in the past.

Although Russian girls pay special attention to their appearance, they appreciate it very much if men value them for their personal traits. Focus on her most noticeable merit and say honestly what you like about her character.

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