How to Charm Russian Women


Things have changed since the 1990s when American and Western men could win Russian women’s hearts just by coming to their country and being themselves. One Hollywood smile and they were all yours. Today the situation is different. Although your cash can excite some of them, probably that’s not the type of girls you are looking for. If you want to pick up a good Russian girl, you need to know some basic rules and strategies for doing that.

  • Don’t show that you came to Russia just for meeting girls

Be ready that Russian women will ask you about your purpose of visiting their country. You can’t tell directly that you are here in searches of a future wife. However, some of them will like your answer but be careful with those women. In practice, you’d better not be so straightforward. Instead, find a more serious reason for your coming here. Telling that you are here to improve your Russian is a nice purpose. Consider telling her that you came to Russia as a tourist or on business or that you are interested in the cuisines of different countries and Russia is your current destination. The best cover story is that you decided to learn Russian and came here to get acquainted with the culture and live in the language environment for several weeks.

  • To make your story plausible, learn a couple of Russian words

Some may object to this advice saying they don’t have a knack for languages and they are not going to force themselves to try. You don’t need to take special courses, just learn a couple of nouns and verbs, polite phrases and go share your knowledge with a beautiful Russian student. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at her readiness to help you improve your pronunciation. University female students are very open-minded and will be happy to talk in English with you in return. Slavic girls are well-educated and curious about things like foreign languages and different cultures so be ready to enlighten them as to your culture and traditions. Those topics will be definitely interesting for them to discuss.

  • Pay attention to your clothes

Foreigners, especially Americans, don’t care much about the way they look. Russian women like smartly dressed men so change your style a bit to impress them and stand out in a crowd. A stained shirt and sneakers should be left in your hotel room since wearing those items you have no chances to be liked by Russian women. Don’t try to look too official. You can put on some casual clothes such as a T-shirt but make sure it’s stylish. Again, sneakers are not prohibited if they are fashionable and clean. Also, take care of your hair as women pay attention to men’s haircut and its condition so make sure you’re in trend. Women like men in good shape so if it’s not about you and you want to change it, consider going to a gym to lose excess weight.

  • Be optimistic and cheerful

Although you might be a down to earth man who understands that life is not a bed of roses, try to forget about negative sides of our existence and adopt a positive outlook on life while being in Russia. Women like easy-going men who can easily make them laugh. They have a kind of stereotype that formed in their imagination based on the Americans and Western men they saw in films or met during their visits to the US or Europe. Make Russian women feel they met a film character in real life. Think it’s not plausible and a bit childish? Just be sure to dress your optimism and vivacity with the sparkle of intellect and earnestness.

  • Looking for a lady? Be a gentleman yourself

Life proves that manners and charisma often have a greater influence on women than your cash. Nice girls looking for a real man want him to be a real gentleman. Keep that in mind and act accordingly to win her heart.

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