Girl’s Phone Number


As you can read in one of the previous posts before placing any girl’s profile on RomanceCompass dating site we check her phone number. Its very important thing that is necessary to be done for security check. As you know each profile on our dating site is real and that’s why its checked very carefully in order to avoid scam and other misunderstandings.

After checking profile’s information our administrators always give a call to a number that was given to a girl in her contacts.  They ask her name, surname, confirm all the facts that she wrote in her profile such as age, height, weight, profession, hobbies, interests, location and etc.

Of course we also ask about her intentions that must be serious and pure. Its necessary for each girl to tell us about the aim of placing her profile on Romancecompass.

Giving a call is a good method of how to check girl’s reality and her true aim on the dating site.


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