Do women have a good sense of humor?


Mostly, the single ladies are laughing, but not making other laugh. They can keep the conversation with the smile, but she can’t joke on certain topics. Usually it’s something primitive and understandable only for single females, but not for men. That’s version says that, generally they don’t have a sense of humor.
But we have another situation when single ladies have an excellent sense of humor, but she can’t laugh, joke when somebody is kidding. They just don’t understand this humor. We can say that they have a sense of humor but it’s something specific. I don’t guess that we have some reasons which can prove that females have the lower ability to joke than males.
Everybody knows that a good sense of humor is attractive because it’s included intelligence, creativity, in other words is your imagery. The single women make us laugh in a sensible and more practical way than the guys who most of all talk nonsense and it’s their tone and silly way of expressing the jokes that makes us laugh not the content. From above-mentioned, we pretty sure that women’s humor exists but it’s more sensitive, expressing and subtle humor in comparison with men’s humor.

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