Can women be on friendly terms with men?


Many people are interested in this question since earliest times. Some of them agree with this statement but other people consider that it’s totally false. Every human’s situation is various and we have angels of approach to friendship between women and men. There are a huge number of opinions because every person has individuality. So, it depends on you, your character, preferences, behavior and manners.

According to the quote of Oskar Wilde when he told that it’s no friendship between women and men. It can be everything that can replace by love-affair, agony, care, tenderness but no friendship at all. We can say that it’s a piece of truth here. Men can cooperate with women for business purposes at the work but they can also have a love-affair. There is a theory that women and men can be friends with each other before or after relationships but it’s so difficult to call “friendship”. They can communicate, share some new things, information but they will always have a desire to get more or just physical attraction.

So, that’s why they can’t be on friendly terms with each other. Women are inclined to a friendship with men because they don’t have such a strong physical attraction like men and can keep the situation in control.

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