Age and Relationships

According to statistics the average age difference between partners is usually 3-5 years. But nowadays only a few people can be surprised by couples with a solid difference in age because not an age is important in relations, but also understanding in a family. So how does an age affects on relationships?

It is believed that an unequal marriage will end with divorce. But there is a lot of couples that prove the opposite. In any case the younger of the partners in an unequal marriage will be forced to give in and to learn to understand a second half, and the older one will need to pull down to another level and to take the hobbies and interests of the younger partner. If a serious base of relationship such as sincerity of feelings, a desire to compromise, a mutual understanding and a trust will be absent then such relationships can become exhausting.

According to statistics and reality, a happy mariage depends on the level of emotional maturity of both partners, and it is not associated with biological age . Of course the ideal age formula does not exist. There are couples with a 20-30-year age difference that live together happily. And there are plenty of examples when a couple with a minimum age difference is divorcing after a couple years of marriage. The strongest marriage is based on a spiritual sphere, the one that is based on the physical one will not last long. And unequal marriages are usually thought over very consciously, considering the harmony of two different generations and mentalities.

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