5 Relationship Secrets Every Woman Keeps.

5 Relationship Secrets Every Woman Keeps

Generally speaking, secrets are considered such things which you keep close to the heart. Most of all it’s something special, significant, top secret that you can’t tell to your life partner. Psychologists say that it’s normally when woman for marriage hides some things from man because a truth hurts. If you want to keep your relationships you should hide some things close to your heart.

As to the first relationship secret is your best friend knows everything. She knows every part of you, habits, your dating with other men, the bank account and so on. The next one is a quantity of men with whom you’ve sleep with. The ladies for marriage will never call the true number to her partner. How much money you make/spend? It’s a top secret question for women because men will never know, how exactly women spend money and for what. The next not less important secret is your opinion on his family/best friend’s guy. Women never tell the truth about his family and best friend because the truth can hurt him that’s why you should say some good words that will be a pleasure for him. And the last one is that you still think about your ex. You will always compare the present partner with the last. Owing to it you have some quarrels with your partner.

As the consequence, we can say that relationship secrets are the irreversible process as for women and for men also.

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